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Your Host and Guide is Dave Clancy. Dave has been enjoying camping and 4wdriving since an early age. He got the bug for off road adventure when he was 16 on an 8 month trip around Australia with his parents. From there the passion for exploring this beautiful country we live in became something he wanted to share with others. Over the last few years Dave has focused his trips more through the High Country of Victoria. Over this time courses have been undertaken and David is qualified in Advanced 4wd and Recovery and Advanced First Aid. Dave has left a career spanning nearly 10 years with Victoria Police to pursue his dream job of sharing the captivating Victorian bush with others. Dave tailors his tours specific to each client, their vehicle and their experience behind the wheel. With his extensive background in Emergency Services you know that your trip is meticulously planned, well prepared for any situation and of course an unforgettable, enjoyable experience that will have you wanting to return for more adventures!

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